You want to start a hydroponics garden but are not sure if you could build a hydroponics system or you are short on space, living in an apartment, a high rise condominiums or perhaps you’re a gardener who’s run out of room, then a hydroponics grow box could solve your problems. What is a grow box? It is a self contained hydroponics system for growing plants and vegetables in a controlled environment.

The units come as a basic unit with built in hps or mh lighting, intake and exhaust fans for ventilation, and to help control the interior temperature, hydroponics growing system and odour control system to deal with any smell from the cabinet. The more advanced grow box units will include air conditioning to control running temperatures, and CO2 generators to increases CO2 level inside the box increasing growth rate.

Hydroponics grow boxes are manufactured in a large range of sizes, from the size of a PC case up to large cabinets 4’x 6’ and several different heights with varying facades, many of the cabinets can be modified to your requirements at the time of order. The exterior can be a basic paint finish,some even look like a refrigerator, right up to a high quality furniture finish that will fit in with your decor, allowing you to grow plants or vegetables in a hydroponics cabinet that wont look out of place. Now even your geographical location shouldn’t stop you from growing plants, there’s no need to worry about short days lack of natural sun light or extreme temperatures and you can grow plants all year round. Depending on the size of the cabinet and the type of plant you want to grow you should be able to fit from three up to twenty plants in the cabinet.

You should find a hydroponic grow box easy to use and with the controls be able to create the perfect environment to get optimal plant growth. From a simple hobby to a professional grower a grow box is one of the most efficient ways to grow fresh produce in your home all year round, with minimal investment and ease of use, when it’s delivered just plug in the grow box add your nutrient solution and plants and you’re ready to start growing your plants using hydroponics. If you are a novice remember keep it simple using a grow box will give you a complete system, set up and ready to grow, even if you’re an intermediate grower with the wide choice of these prefabricated systems on the market you should really consider them. With the advances in technology, low material costs, manufacturers are fitting complete systems into smaller areas making better use of resources and space.

One last note of caution DON’T get confused between a grow box and a grow tent the two items are totally different, the main difference is your grow comes complete a grow tent is just that you will need to supply all the other components and assemble the system yourself.