Hydroponic Strawberries all year round

Hydroponic gardening can give you a very high-yielding crop and allow you to grow hydroponic strawberries all year round even with limited space, advances made in hydroponics and hydroponic greenhouse system has been introduced to the domestic sector and amateur gardeners have grasped it with both hands. With units small enough to sit on a windowsill up to full-size grow rooms, greenhouse and exterior systems to suit the growing area you have, the size of the system you choose will depend on how many plants you intend to grow (the average size family should produce enough fruits from 3to6 plants with possibly some over) your budget and the space you have available. The crown of the plant must be kept above the growing medium and nutrient solution with good airflow around the base, if you’re using a growing medium than perlite, coco-husks, pebbles, rockwool, vermiculite work well for growing hydroponic strawberries all year round.

If using rockwool for the medium careful monitoring of the amount and frequency of hydroponic nutrients solution delivered will have to be done as the base of the rookwool can retain excess solution causing water logging which strawberries have little tolerance to. The nutrient solution will need to be changed every 1-2 weeks keeping the PH level between 5.8 and 6.2., pick off any runners these could be used to start new plants.
Every gardener knows strawberries do better in a sunny position and it is no different growing hydroponic strawberries, if you intend to grow your strawberries using an indoor hydroponic system, then position your unit near a sunny south-facing window, otherwise a growing light on a timer will be needed to supplement the lack of sunlight.

There are three main groups of strawberries June bearing or spring bearing, Ever-bearing and Day neutral. June bearing plants produce a crop during a two-to-three week period in the spring. June-bearers produce flowers, fruits and runners. They are classified into early, mid-season and late varieties. Ever-bearing plants produce three periods of flowers and fruit during the spring, summer and fall. Ever-bearers do not produce many runners. Day neutral strawberries will produce fruit throughout the growing season, and only produce a few runners. Ever-bearing and day neutral strawberries are great when space is limited, but the fruits are usually somewhat smaller than June bearers. Now you know how to grow strawberries matter which variety you choose to grow you can now enjoy your own fresh hydroponic strawberries all year round.

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