Vertical Hydroponics systems

How many times have you thought about growing flowers or vegetables in your garden, back yard? Only to be put off by not having enough space. With the shortage of land and the exorbitant cost of available plots in cities, gardens are fast disappearing, and in cities like London, New York and Hong Kong we are being forced to build ever higher, perhaps you live in an apartment and don’t think you have room to grow plants. Then your answer could be vertical hydroponics systems, if you have a wall in your garden or yard that is preferably south facing and is in a sound and stable condition you have the ideal spot to make a vertical hydroponic garden. These can be fairly easy to make and are suitable for growing herbs, lettuce,
strawberries or flowers, if you don’t have a wall then a free standing vertical unit could be used, I have seen these made using wooden battening, plastic guttering and piping. Remember which ever system you use you will need a pump, plant holders, reservoir for the nutrient solution, the pump will supply the nutrient solution to the top of the system so make sure you have a way of channelling the solution to all the plants, a means of filtering the run off before it is returned to the reservoir to be recycled. If you’re not good at DIY, then There are a large range of free stranding units available for both outdoor and indoor use and can be purchased from hydroponics systems stockists. Some of the indoor units are manufactured to look like furniture and can and to your decor and vertical hydroponics systems can really look effective when growing plants with colourful foliage or crops like
strawberries. Not only will these units look effective they will also make your room feel fresher and more colourful.

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